Our Story

An ancient legend tells of a rare gold treasure atop Mount Hoverla, Ukraine's highest peak.
Hearing whisper of the legend, a lone explorer embarked upon a quest to discover these riches.
He walked days and nights through the Carpathians, until, at last, the summit of Mount Hoverla came into view.
Elated and exhausted, as the crimson sun set across the sky, he decided to stop for one night, beside a spring.
And as he drank the water from that spring, the purest he had ever known, he was filled with vitality, the energy of life, to finish his ascent.
At the summit, the last rays of the setting sun caught the bubbling waters of the spring, making them shimmer with gold.
The rare gold treasure of Mount Hoverla was its spring!
And it is those precious waters that are now used, to make the finest vodka.